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A Great Barbecue Gift for The True Barbecue Fan

You know your guy loves barbecue grilling; and you know that he’s got a birthday or special event coming up. So what are you waiting for? You have the perfect gift ideas; the barbecue grilling gift. What? You don’t know …

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Summertime – Bug Control for Your Next B-B-Q

 B-B-Q season is just around the corner. You  can just taste those fabulous B-B-Q ribs. But just as it’s eating out  door time, so it is time for the outdoor bugs to be out and about. While enjoying the cooler …

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The All American Barbecue Tradition

“Lets go, let’s go,” the kids yell excitedly. “It’s almost time for the barbecue.” Who doesn’t love an all American barbecue. It’s the national pastime in every city in the country. People go and host great outdoor barbecues through the …

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Cool B-B-Q Side Dishes and Desserts

You finally decided to have that great outdoor barbecue. You know what you are going to serve; a whole lamb roast, a pig, ribs or just hamburgers. But what about your side dishes, what do you plan on serving with …

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